Protecting Our Daughters

We must put an end to human trafficking

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While I’m sure I should get better at letting things go, the recent news about “” really got under my skin, and I can’t let it go until I get it off my chest.

Truthfully though, I hope I never let it go. I hope I never stop being disgusted at what appears to be a rampant, amoral, hedonistic pursuit by the richest people in the country. Everything from grabbing unfamiliar women by the pussy whenever they want, to raping minors, drugged or not.

Sex is complicated. Perhaps the most complicated human activity. It is pleasurable. Addictive. Overwhelming. Entangled in the costs & benefits of relationships, and so much more. I get all that.

Liberty is the most fundamental of human rights and it should be at the top of every new year’s resolution.

We have just came through a couple of decades of coming to grips with, and understanding of, what was happening to young boys in the supposed sacred, private, and protected confines of religious grounds. Now it appears, we are at the front-end of coming to grips with, and understanding of, how the super-rich use and abuse their power.

The Epstein “affair” has already implied the involvement of royals, politicians, and lawyers. The Weinstein scandal, which is of a different nature, has left the impression that many people were willing to look the other way when they knew or suspected something very bad was going on. Peter Nygard’s conviction may provide a disturbing insight into an industry long suspected of being a gauntlet for woman — fashion.

Human rights organizations are reporting a 185% increase in trafficking during the COVID people. I guess people are bored, and more people are desperate to pay the rent.

“Common industries for labor trafficking include domestic work, manufacturing and agriculture, while common venues for sex trafficking include massage parlors and strip joints, according to the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, one the nation’s largest provider of services to survivors of human trafficking.” .

My awareness of and concern about human trafficking started some years ago. Back then, I thought of human trafficking as something that happened in other countries and happened to people that were the poorest of the globally poor. Recent scandals have made me start to wonder just how much happens in America, and other developed countries.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to work in a company that understood the necessity to protect employees, by providing them a way to record conversations so they could demonstrate harassment and other abuses. This despite California’s wiretapping laws. Not all companies get this. Too many companies still believe that what is said in 1:1 conversations between people of power and regular employees is protected; so protected that truly abusive things can be threatened and go unproven, in addition to ordinary harassment. No conversation between a person of power in a company and another employee is a private conversation, and it should not have the presumption of privacy, within a company, or under the law. I would not want a daughter to work at any company that did not understand that at its core.

I suspect there will never be an elimination of relationships that entangle sex and money. It happens in explicit and implicit ways across many human activities & institutions. However, a person’s liberty, should be viewed as a basic human right, and a fundamental mission of any advanced nation. It is certainly worth more attention than the average tweet from celebrities and politicians.

There are many things that deserve our attention in 2021. Eradicating human trafficking should be at the top of the list.

Registered “non-partisan”, blogging about culture, politics, technology, photography, travel, and life. Owner of “”.

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