• Robert Dewey

    Robert Dewey

    I think I put down the wrong age! My correct age is 82.

  • Saira


    Tangy flavors of introverted life

  • Kannan Kothandaraman

    Kannan Kothandaraman

    Kannan is the CEO and co-founder of Selector AI (www.selector.ai), a startup building an innovative AIOps solution.

  • David Silvestro

    David Silvestro

    Thoughts on creativity, marketing, personal development and my favourite reads.

  • shashi


  • Felix Cabrera

    Felix Cabrera

    A.k.a. Felix The Dev. Teacher, writer, tutor, software developer, and coach. youtube.com/c/FelixTheDev yadielcabrera.com

  • Alex Kilcannon

    Alex Kilcannon

    Writer, poet, outdoors instructor and Mother of Teenagers. I rewild kids for a living.

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